The Log Song – Lyrics

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I’m on a boardwalk over a bog
I’m going to visit my favourite log
It used to stand tall but the wind knocked it down
now it’s the perfect home for life on the ground

I’m havin’ fun with all your fungi
I’m likin’ all your lichen
Maybe next time I see you, you’ll have a branch a silly squirrel can climb in

Oh – I’m rockin’ with your roots
And I’m dancing in my boots
While we’re hikin’, skippin’, trekin’ and a trompin’
Be careful where your feet go stompin’

My favourite nurse log has moss and grass
I don’t want to disturb it, I use my magnifying glass,
I see lots of critters and insects crawlin’ ‘round
Some racing up the stump and some race down


Brown and green with life all over
Breaking down as you get older
Helping plants and creatures as they
Eat and live and play

When in the forest, there’s lots to learn
About bugs and flowers, about trees and ferns
So next time you’re hiking be sure to explore
What’s all around you on the forest floor