Something Special – Lyrics

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There’s a bit of something special
In every one of us
A little superhero
Rock star or princess
There’s a bit of something special
That makes me clearly see
You are something special to me

There’s a superhero flying right inside of you
With the power to help you get through anything new
And the strength to take you to the highest height
To always try your best and do what’s right


There’s a rock star shining from within you every day
With star potential that is surely here to stay
And talents deep inside you that we hope you’ll share
To teach us all to love and help and care

When you’re feeling things get tough
And you’re tired or you’ve had enough
Just think about what makes you who you are
A rockin’ superhero shining star

There’s a fairy princess standing right before my eyes
With long flowing hair and castle towers in the skies
And the magical ability you’ve always found
To bring smiles to the people all around