Silly Squirrel – Lyrics

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Here’s a little tale about a silly tree squirrel
With grey fur, a black nose and whiskers that curl
He looks like the other squirrels that might be
But he’s got some silly ideas you’ll see 

[Oh squirrel; you’re so silly!]

Silly Squirrel’s a bit confused about where he should live
You’d think a great big branch would be a natural fit
But he wants something different, not the usual tree
‘Cause this squirrel’s as silly as can be

Home is where you want to be
A place that fits you perfectly
Somewhere you can call your own
Calm or crazy, warm and cozy, big or small – it’s your home

Silly Squirrel believed a sunny spot would be just great
Somewhere warm where winter never shows up at his gate
But this squirrel’s not made for deserts – he belongs in trees
With his fuzzy coat that keeps him toasty

[Oh squirrel; why are you so silly?]

So, to the ocean with his dreams of undersea lands
Whales and sharks for neighbours and a yard filled with sand
But living underwater makes it difficult to breathe
Oh this squirrel’s as silly as can be


Hey Hey Silly Squirrel, what are you thinking? 
Hey Hey Silly Squirrel, where are you going?
Hey Hey Silly Squirrel, can’t you see?
You’re as silly as silly squirrels can be

Silly Squirrel was getting tired at the end of the day
But he still hadn’t found a perfect place to stay
He had to stop and think about the best place to be
So he rested at the top of a tree

[Oh squirrel; you really are so silly!]

When he climbed up to the top and took a good look around
He could not believe the view he had right down to the ground
Hopping on the branch, he gave a big yippee
What a perfect home for me

Welcome home, Silly Squirrel!