Ribbitty Rock – Lyrics

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From their bulging eyes
Down to their webbed hind feet,
These frogs sure know how to swim and leap
They can launch themselves
For twenty times their own size
With their strong legs
They sure know how to catch flies.

They go a ribbity-rockin’
A hippity-hoppin’
From lily pad to lily pad
They go a bippin’ and a boppin’
A slippin’ and a sloppin’
The most fun they’ve ever had

When they see a yummy bug
They roll out their long and sticky tongue
They snap at it so quickly
You barely know it’s being done.
Frogs also have a very special kind of skin
That they don’t just wear
They can drink and breathe through it
As they are jumping through the air

Just like all of us love to sing,
Frogs love to sing along too.
They sing to warn us that the weather is changing
Or just to say HELLU!