Raindrop Pop – Lyrics

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Why do the raindrops fall from the sky?
And where does the water go,
When the puddles run dry?
Why does the stream leave in the middle of the heat?
And where does the river flow,
When it sun starts to beat?

Raindrop, raindrop, raindrop pop
Raindrop, raindrop, raindrop pop

Rain falls from the sky, leaving puddles on the ground
Rain comes from clouds
That are too heavy to get around
Rain washes to the streams and into the sea
It washes over Earth,
Bringing life to plants and trees

When the sun beats down, in the heat of the day,
The water on the earth,
Starts to evaporate away
It rises to the sky, back to where it began.
The water cycle flows,
From the earth and back again