Outer Space – Lyrics

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What’s out there?
Above the air
Out in space
Let’s investigate

Can’t wait to see
The mystery
Of our galaxy

Outer Space
Must be such a crazy place
Filled with comets and shooting stars
I wanna see Venus and Mars

I’m gunna need a rocket ship
And a space suit for my trip
When I’m flying by
Racing across the sky

With no gravity
I feel so free
I do a flip
And I bounce and skip
Maybe today
We’ll get to play
In the milky way


Asteroids and meteors
Surround our planet earth
Let’s go walking, on the moon
Then head for home, we’ll be back soon

When I grow up
I’ll be an astronaut
But until then
I’ll just pretend
And that’s Ok
‘Cause when I play
I get closer everyday