Muscles – Lyrics

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Every day I wake up and I stretch and bend and hold
Get my body ready with a curl, dip and roll
Warming up before I start to walk, run or play
Stretching my way into the day

Muscles, muscles you’re the best
We’re gonna put you to the test
Watch close and follow me
Here we go now – 1, 2, 3
Bend your legs – you’re looking great
Flex your arms and stretch them straight
Touch your toes and reach up high
You can do it! Try, try, try!
Groups of muscles work together for each pose
Biceps and hamstrings and little ones in your toes
Working together, helping keep you straight and tall
Giving you balance so you won’t fall


Take care of your muscles; and they’ll take care of you
Warm-up and stretch it out; it’s the healthy thing to do
Eat lots of yummy treats; fruits and veggies do the trick
Throw in some exercise to keep you strong and fit
The human body is a mystery machine
Just start to move your muscles to get what I mean
So many pieces work to give us a chance
To skip and jump and hop and dance