Marching Together – Lyrics

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This is a marching song about some kids I know
Who try to make a difference as they grow
They help one another and the planet Earth too
It’s time to join in and grab your marching shoes!

Stand up and march
To show that you care
Marching together
For the world that we share
Stand up and march
We can all take a part
Marching together
Is a great place to start

Put your best foot forward, you won’t miss a beat
Pick up the garbage lying in the street
March for planet Earth by helping out all the time
And recycling each week or trashing litter that you find


Once you have the rhythm, you can take it fast or slow,
Ride the bus, bike or walk everywhere you have to go,
March for planet Earth by trying hard every day,
To use friendly transportation to get you on your way!