Just Like That – Lyrics

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We use power to help get us the things that we need
Like water, heat and electricity
But if we use too much
We might run out
And that’s what the Power Smart™ song is about

You’ve got to:
Turn off the tap
Switch off the lights
Use your bath towel more than twice
It’s as easy as that, a tap, snap and a clap
And you’ll be Power Smart™ just like that

When you brush your teeth don’t let the water run
Use a little bit to rinse when your brushing is done,
And when you’ve finished your bath
Hang your towel to dry,
These are a few tips that you can try 


Let’s be Power Smart™
Let’s all do our part
Now’s the time to start
Being Power Smart™ !

When you’re done on the computer or watching TV
Turn them off and save electricity
And when you’ve finished with that
And you’re leaving the room
Switch off the lights while singing this tune



(Power Smart™ is the registered trademark of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, and is used under license. Nothing in these materials is endorsed or approved by British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority)