I’m a Beat – Lyrics

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I’m a beat
Not a beet that you eat
But a beat that you feel
From your head to your feet

You’re a beat
With your hands and your feet
You can feel you’re alive
With your rhythms inside

A catchy beat starts with the
Tap of your feet
And before long
It becomes a song

That’s your beat
And it’s really unique
Share it with the world
‘Cause it sounds so sweet 

Beats and rhythms and rhymes
Connecting us all the time
Making you
Feel just fine (X2)

I’m a drum
With my fingers and thumbs
Tap tappin’ all day
It’s so much fun to play 

I’m a drum
Never feeling glum
‘Cause the beat in my chest
Makes me feel the best 

Rhythms make you wanna
Jump up and down
Dance with your friends
The beat never ends 

‘Cause you’re a drum
With a beat full of fun
Play it loud and strong
So we can all play along


I’m a sound
Bouncing all around
Playing in your ear
So that you can hear 

I’m a sound
Traveling through the ground
Or up in the air
You hear me everywhere 

My favourite sounds
Come from the natural things
Wind, water and wood
They all sound so good 

You’re a sound
With the voice that you’ve found
Sing in harmony
Come and sing with me