I Love Bugs! – Lyrics

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My favourite critters are really small,
They wiggle and flutter and squirm and crawl
You can find them all over, inside and out,
Every time I find one, I just want to shout

I love bugs! I love bugs!
I love the itty bitty, creepy crawly,
Itsy bitsy, wiggly squirmy bugs!

Ladybugs, stick bugs, roaches and bees,
Mosquitoes and crickets and beetles and fleas,
Dragonflies, butterflies, red ants too
So many favourites, I don’t know what to do!

You find them in the trees, and down on the ground
You find them on flowers, and flying around
And if you’re really lucky, and hopefully don’t care,
You might even find one crawling in your hair!

They’ve got two legs, four legs, six legs (wow!)
If you look around closely you might see one now
Some of them eat veggies, some of them eat meat,
But for some of them, garbage is the biggest treat!