Friends – Lyrics

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Friends – Someone to play with
And spend your day with
Someone who cares 

Friends – Someone to run with
And have lots of fun with
Someone who shares 

Friends – People you grow with
Play in the snow with
And swim in the sea 

Friends – Have different faces
Come from different places
That’s just fine with me

I’d like to count aloud with you – 1,2,3
And practice all the letters too – A, B, C
I’d like to sing along with you – Doe, Rae, Me
Join in and you can do it too – You & Me 

Friends – Someone to laugh with
Do arts and crafts with
And share all your dreams

Friends – Someone you read with
Learn to succeed with
You make a great team

Friends – are part of your family
Although they can be
From near or from far

Friends – standing beside you
Because they like you 
For just who you are


Sometimes there’ll be a day
Where everything is looking grey
You’re sad and blue, but that’s okay
Cause a smile from a friend will brighten your day