Connecting the Dots – Lyrics

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Why do trees grow tall?
What makes a pebble so small?
Where does the wind go on a sunny, cloudless day?
Why is the grass so green?
What makes a river not a stream?
Where do the stars hide out when nighttime fades away?

It’s all about connecting the dots
It’s all about learning a lot
It’s all about asking the questions and finding the way
It’s all about connecting the dots
It’s all about using what you’ve got
It’s all about adventure, exploring each and every day
Connecting the dots

Why’s there one moon not two?
What makes the sky so blue?
Where do the raindrops go when puddles disappear?
Why do plants grow up not down?
What makes the thundering sound?
Where does the heat go when the sun’s not here?


Questions all around us
Puzzles from sea to sky
A riddle under every rock
Asking what and where and why
We can find the answers
And how we all connect
Adventures all around us
What will we discover next?